Welcome to Procrastinators Club of Norway

PCN is an advocacy organisation for procrastinators. Our goal is to remove the lazy stamp people put on our foreheads once and for all. We are not lazy, we always do what we have to do. We are more like the turtle in the story of the turtle and the rabbit. Slowly but steadily we reach our goal. We believe in quality over quantity.

Our mascot, the turtle up in the right corner, needs a name. Suggestions are welcome to this address: forslag@somle.net. Non members as well as members may submit suggestions, we welcome them all. It is however an advantage if you are a procrastinator and into the whole philosophy of procrastination as an art form.

Our web page is under development, and chances are it will be for quite a while. Some pages are already in place, others will emerge in due time. Just keep coming back every now and then if what you are looking for still isn't in place.